Outsourcing your Safety Requirements

The work of compliance is
a minefield for most SME’s

The work of compliance is a minefield for most SME’s, with new and updated regulations coming into effect and regularly causing a headache for businesses, especially smaller firms that don’t have the capacity or budget to employ a dedicated employee to manage health and safety. With this in mind the benefits to be gained from outsourcing to UKHSE are immense.

The cost of employing a qualified expert in the health and safety field is prohibitive for small businesses, what’s more it is highly unlikely that there will be enough work to occupy or justify the employment of such an experienced professional on a full-time basis. These are commonly the reasons why small business owners choose to ignore or ‘pay lip service’ to health and safety and often have cause to regret it following an accident or a visit from an enforcement officer.

Outsourcing of health and safety may therefore be a more viable option, helping you to:

diminish the financial issues of hiring an in-house expert
reducing operating expenses by providing instant, 24/7 advice on health and safety
access a wide range of expert advice relating to health, safety, environment, asbestos fire and food safety
Ensure that you have the knowledge to be compliant with legislation
Focus on growing your business

UKHSE can also offer full access to a pool of expertise from a team of qualified professionals assembled from a cross section of industry.

UKHSE can help you take the first step towards compliance.

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