Safety Management Systems

There is a legal obligation on companies to produce a health and safety policy which is often referred to as a safety management system. This better reflects the contents as it is much more than just a policy statement.

Your health and safety management system should influence all of your activities, including the selection of people, equipment and materials, the way the work is done and how you design and provide goods and services. A written statement of your policy and the organisation and arrangements for implementing and monitoring it shows your staff, and anyone else, that hazards have been identified and risk assessed, eliminated or controlled.

  • Do you employ more than 5 employees?
  • Do you have a health and safety policy?
  • What did you achieve in health and safety last year?
  • How much are you spending on health and safety and are you getting value for money?
  • How much money are you losing by not managing health and safety?
  • Does your policy prevent injuries, reduce losses and really affect the way you work? Honestly?

If you are happy with your answers to the above questions then you are well on the way to developing an effective health and safety management system, if not then UKHSE can assist you with the development of your system.

An effective safety management system is not only a statutory requirement; it is the cornerstone of successful management in this risk area. UKHSE consultants can assist with the development, preparation and implementation of such systems, ensuring their relevance and the desired impact.

From an initial site visit to discuss the nature of your business and identify the core processes, your personalised and company specific Health and Safety Policy will be generated for integration into your existing business practices.

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